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Cyber Awareness

Information technology has made our lives easier. According to the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, in March 2021, the number of mobile users in the country was 164.83 million and the number of Internet users was 116.14 million, of which 106.33 were mobile Internet users and 9.61 were ISP and PSTN users. At present, almost half of the total population of our country is adolescents and young people. For those who use social media and internet is quite popular. But due to not knowing the proper use of information technology, various difficulties are happening and they are victims of various cyber crimes.

Recent in newspapers, cases in cyber tribunals and various studies have shown that most of the cyber crimes that are being organized in Bangladesh are being perpetrated by teenage girls. As a percentage which is about 70 percent. A large part of the allegations is related to the use of social media, ranging from ID hacks to super-imposed images and pornography. Incidents like suicide are also happening as a result of these crimes. With these issues in mind, Cyber ​​Crime and Security Awareness Seminars have been organized across the country at the initiative of the Office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) under the Information and Communication Technology Division. In these seminars, 8th-10th class students are being imparted training on cyber security.

There is no way to deny the Internet in the twenty-first century. Just as we need to open the door to the world's store of knowledge by roaming the internet, we need to build ourselves as a conscious and capable citizen and at the same time be safe. That is our premise

"Build a safe digital environment, keep the Bangle women safe"